TOEIC Preparation Canada or USA?

TOEIC Preparation in Canada

Are you planning to prepare for the TOEIC test in the USA? The USA is a good place for students to improve their English language skills. Schools, colleges, and universities offer TOEIC preparation and English language courses in the USA.

Although the USA is a major destination for language students, it can be argued that Canada is an even better place to study English and prepare for TOEFL or TOEIC tests. Vancouver, Canada is ideal for language students. Here are some reasons many TOEIC students prefer Canada to the USA:

Low Cost - As of February 2003, a Canadian dollar is worth 66 US cents. Thus, it costs approximately 40% less to study in Canada than in the USA.

Standard English - People in some regions of the USA have distinct English accents. The English in Canada is very standard. Canadian English pronunciation is clear, correct and uniform.

Safety - Canada is much safer than the USA. In 1995, there were more than seven times as many violent crimes (1071) per 100,000 people in Florida, USA as there were in British Columbia, Canada.

Climate - Parts of the USA have cold winters, hot summers, tornadoes, hurricanes, or earthquakes. Vancouver enjoys mild weather, thanks to its location on Canada's western coast. Vancouver Island shelters Vancouver from incoming storms, so Vancouver is not affected by severe weather or natural disasters.

Visas in the USA - Visitors from Mexico, Korea, Costa Rica, and Saudi Arabia need visas to enter the USA. People from these countries can study English in Canada without visas. Visa policies in the USA have been even more strict since September 11, 2001.

Friendly People - Canadians are known to be pleasant, polite, and generous.

Standard of Living - The standard of living in Canada is higher than in the USA. Vancouver is consistently ranked higher than any cities in the USA. For the sixth year in a row, Canada rated first among 175 countries in the United Nation's quality of life survey.

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